I am John III, a Husband, Dad, and Commercial Photographer in the Chicago area. South, South side to be a little more accurate.  I have been in this wonderful world of commercial photography since 1992 and have a lot of experience with all different kinds of people.  Gear comes and goes as well as techniques and styles, but the people are a constant.  I have had the great fortune of being a part of just about every type of project, as well as shooting subjects all around the world.  I am always available to collaborate on something together.  I love discovering scenarios with subjects and shooting people doing their thing.  Rather than using a lens to bring the frame to the action, I'd prefer to have the lens be the eyes of the viewer.  If you need your viewers to feel like they are in our scene, drop me a line...  I'll get in there for you.

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Weber Grills


Small Business Revolution

United Soybean Board

The Mosaic Company

Unfenced Magazine


Baxter Corporation

Lee Branding


Martin Williams

Gibbs and Soell

Valiant Integrated Services

White & Rice Productions

Boulder Creek Stone

Waypost Stone Siding

Condor Fireplace

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